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Marketing with Dynamics 365

In today’s world, Marketing is core diversified attempt for lead generation, service/idea/product selling, orchestrate the process, event management, monitor and view analytical data. As a marketer being technical on marketing tools its hard to keep pace with market trending ideas and follow generation. Not to reinvent the wheel, pick the best marketing tool which gives maximum features and processes the repetitive tasks.
Few key features are Customer journey, segments, Marketing dashboard tools, social media management platforms, email automation solutions and advertising services, to mention a few. The list keeps on growing.

Do You Know Marketing In Dynamics 365?

A Dynamics 365 Marketing gives real-time journey experiences based on customer interactions across email, mobile, social media, text messaging (SMS), custom channels, and in-person touchpoints. Personalized journey steps based on customer actions with built-in/custom event triggers.
Marketing kickoff based on real-time data changes across any dynamics 365 Apps. Nurture leads, event and webinar planning, customer voice surveys to receive the feedback and questionnaire.

How Do Izenix Solutions Come To Play?

Izenix solutions help you pick the right Marketing tool for your organization. Izenix Solutions offer distinct types of feature-rich Dynamics 365 Marketing for various industries like – education, financial, healthcare, nonprofit, insurance, real estate, research, trading, product, and service-based companies, and so on. In addition, we also provide Marketing development services for various use cases and users like email marketing, sms marketing, customer journey, campaigns, analytics on data etc. Our team is here to gather all required information.

We at Izenix can help you figure out the right Marketing that satisfies your business requirement and scales your outcome. Click to take a demo with all options we could make possible connecting with you.


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